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>> you are watching wbal tv 11. blog, local, late breaking, this is tv 11 news said news them a local activists called for the jobs of three baltimore city police officers who they say
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murdered a suspect in their custody. police encountered anthony anderson on a vacant lot making a drug deal. the three officers said he tried to swallow the drugs when they moved in to arrest him. the medical examiner's report listed his death as a homicide by blunt force trauma and his family wants justice. >> he was handcuffed and suffering and he died. we want these officers fired. we want them arrested and we want them convicted. if it was a normal citizen that committed homicide, they would be behind bars. >> the head of the police union says anderson's injuries are consistent with a standard take down maneuver used to arrest a suspect who may be armed. the officers involved have been suspended. baltimore city police tell 17- year-old student is now charged
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as an adult. officers arrested the boy thursday after he reportedly stabbed another star -- student during a monday morning fight. the victim was taken to johns hopkins and the charges include attempted first-degree murder. two men are in police custody facing charges in connection to a kidnapping and sexual assault in baltimore county. a 17-year-old girl says she was abducted every day she got off an mta bus monday afternoon. police have identified the suspect. s. they say the two men forced the girl into an suv were they assaulted her. they took her cell phone, wallet, and id before dropping her off. >> we absolutely believe these
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kids are connected. the pattern is almost identical. those of victims were accosted in virtually the same place. they're both dropped off at the same bus stop and forced at gunpoint into a ford suv. the description of the vehicles are the same in both cases. >> police say the 18-year-old in that attack was forced to perform a sex act. both suspects face numerous charges on are being held without bail. good news for baltimore city neighborhood, they have saved one of the fire engine companies from the chopping block. truck company tanned that serves west baltimore will stay open thanks to $500,000 in overdue taxes and fees from this year's budget. stephanie rollings blakeslee
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plans are in the works to keep them in business for the next decade. so far, no firefighters or emt's have been laid off. in our big story -- in less than 12 hours, mitt romney gets his chance to face president obama. he says the economy is getting worse and present obama will face mitt romney whether he has written off 47% of america. we go to washington with more. >> good afternoon, there is a lot at stake for both these candidates and they know it. one side is trying to be more aggressive than the other is trying to keep his cool. they will have 6-50 minute blocks of questions about domestic issues.
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republicans say the bar is high for the president, a skilled debater and think that mitt romney's aggressive style may throw the president off. >> he has the facts and he is tenacious and that is the difference between four years ago and this time. >> the democrats say he has to be specific. >> americans are looking for details and i think he will seek president obama continue to do that. >> president obama is three points ahead with likely voters with mitt romney gaining ground. >> those voters are likely to be hispanic and ages 29 or so. as a consequence of this being slightly older and less hispanic, it moves to the direction of mitt romney. >> mitt romney is closing the gap in virginia and florida but
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not ohio where the president is maintaining a strong lead going into the debate tonight. despite what we found in our own nbc poll, 60 million people are expected to watch tonight. > >> good afternoon, after a dreary start to the day, it looks like things are breaking up a little bit through lunchtime. 76 degrees at the airport right now. we have been able to warm up a few degrees and we can see the warming trend into the aft end with a high temperature at 81 degrees. there will be a few peaks of sunshine. there could be a sprinkle in the afternoon or evening but it won't be a big deal. most areas will stay dry.
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we could say a few isolated showers in the area dropping back to 74 degrees by 9:00 p.m. i will have details and the seven-day forecast coming up. >> magic in both dugouts last night as the orioles had more on their side. they only had two hits but won the game anyway. chris davis had a shot that could have made its way to disney world. he took the orioles up 1-0. that's the good way the game would end. we have been getting some great photos showing their support for the o's.
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how cute is he? upload your best orioles close ourhe ulocal.l section of website. coming up next, the results of the soil sample taken from the site supposed to be the final resting place of jimm
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>> the u.s. border patrol agent is dead near the mexican border in arizona. federal officials said the engine was part of a group that came under fire while investigating a center triggered an area used for narcotics trafficking. no suspects have been taken into custody. a big dig for the jimmy hoffa remains turned out to be a big bust. it was in a backyard near detroit and they dug up the concrete floor of a shed acting on a tip. they took soil samples -- samples and took them off and the samples revealed no trace of human remains. still to come, patients who
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undergo cancer treatment often lose their hair and can take a serious toll on their self esteem. how to get through the tough time. >> what a big range of temperatures right now where we have 70 + up to our north, 80's toward the shore. we will have details on what is causing this and when the rain will be gone. this is a live look at ocean city. 78 in ocean city.
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>> a snack company issues a
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recall for its popcorn amid growing concerns of wisteria contamination. the popcorn is voluntarily recalling its products. there are bags that could be affected and there were distributed after august 8 and are best by dates between february 4 and march 12 of next year. wisteria can call-like symptoms and is dangerous to pregnant women and young children and the elderly. there's a new report on weight- loss. the report by the department of health and human services says many products make false claims. officials found problems with one out of every five supplements they bought online and in stores across the country. some products claim to cure or prevent diabetes or cancer while some claim it does not need government recommendation. the report did not name individual brands of products
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and the fda said it would ask congress for more oversight powers over the more than $20 billion supplement industry. there will be in addition to the technology market. samsung will be able to sell its galaxy 10.1 in the u.s. after a ban when apple sued samsung over a patent dispute. it could help samsung gained ground running up to the holiday season. we're less than three months away from all major winter holidays. some people are trying to figure out how many people take advantage of layaway deals. 34% of american shoppers say they are likely to bite gets on layaway. buy gifts likely to
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on layaway. >> , your instaweather plus forecast. with as start you off live look at doppler radar with a few sprinkles showing up on the radar. we have a sprinkle near towson. the radar makes it look more ominous than it really is. it is hardly impacting traffic but something to keep in mind if you're traveling north of baltimore city. it is much the same around hagerstown. this will be the trend as the go through the afternoon. what a big difference in temperatures depending on where you are. a lot of temperatures are getting near 80 degrees.
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near baltimore and north, we have some 60's. downtown baltimore is sitting at 81 degrees. there is a warm front over the baltimore metro area. the northern areas are stuck in cooler air and that is why you see temperature is held back in places like westminster. the warm front is sitting or the mid atlantic. the storm system is starting to weaken as the warm air lifts and the cold air is cutting in. that is good news because that means less brain potential. -- less grain potential. we will have to watch out for a more powerful storm system that will come out of the planes. we have 35 degrees in great falls, montana.
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some very cold air is coming in behind that storm. once the storm system passes, let's focus on what is happening now. there might be some sprinkles into the evening hours and over night. the storm system has to lift over the mid atlantic. there might be some more rain pushing through in the afternoon. for tonight, mostly cloudy skies, a sprinkle at best, we dropped down into the 60's, upper 60's toward the western part of the metro area. for tomorrow, high temperatures will be a smile again, in the low 80's so it looks like the tail end of summer even though we are getting into the heart of fall, most of the day will be partly cloudy. 81 tomorrow, 79 on friday,
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friday will be beautiful wood sunshine, and that powerful storm comes in the chances of scattered showers each day for the weekend and will drop off monday and tuesday, 60's of the best temperatures possible. >> the u.s. birthrate continues to fall, a likely result of the weak economy. the cdc reports that births declined 1% in 2011 which is not as steep as seen in recent years but the rate among hispanic woman fell the most last year, 6%. experts attribute this to a struggling economy in which many people feel they cannot afford to have children. beta blockers are usually prescribed for patients with heart disease. a recent study suggests they may not be as effective as doctors had hoped. 44,000 patients were studied and found beta blockers did not
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significantly lower the risk of a second heart attack or other cardiovascular event. further studies are needed to determine which types of patients may benefit from beta blockers. plenty of people go to tanning salons believing they are safer than playing in the sun but a new study puts that theory in a new light. the use of indoor tanning beds is responsible for more than 170,000 cases of skin cancer each year in the y in the u.s. previous studies have shown indoor tanning is a risk factor for a malignant melanoma. one of the most noticeable side effects of cancer treatments as losing your hair which can take a toll on self-esteem especially for young children. a new program is helping those
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kids feel empowered. >> i am ready to go on my first adventure. >> he is an 80-year old boy but what makes him on like any other eight year old boy is the bone cancer doctors found when he was just four. the cancer returned again this year and so did the radiation treatments and losing his hair. >> at the beginning of the year, i lost it all. it just flew off. i'm not sad. i lost my hair but it will grow back. >> would you like for your mom and dad to be bald the ? you are beautiful on the inside. >> he is in the fight of his life. the physical changes affect
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child cancer patients's self- esteem. bold, brave, beautiful is a program to get celebrities to shave their heads and detonate their hair. >> it helps them through the transition. they will get better and their hair will grow back. during that transition, it is important especially for younger kids like teenagers that they feel they are bold and beautiful and strong. >> you know that there will come back. you should not feel sad because it is normal. >> that is one amazing kid. up next, your maryland lottery pick three and pick 4 numbers and another check of the instaweather plus forecast.
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it's just that simple, i mean, it's a no brainer. anncr: every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty... million at casinos in west virginia, delaware... and pennsylvania. one west virginia paper calls it a "cash cow" for them.
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but its cost maryland over one billion dollars. money that could have created good jobs and... better schools for us. question seven keeps maryland money in maryland. david smallwood: question seven, i think it will be a... good thing for the state of maryland. >> time for your maryland lottery pick three and pick 4 numbers. >> hi there, this is wednesday, october 3 with your pick 3 numbers. we have a benign, as printed on the ball, followed by, a 2 in the middle and the final number is -- 4 making your pick 3 number 924.
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cash scratchagan's off and you could win its cash and other great raven prizes all season long. this is ready for the pick 4 numbers. we have a 2, and the next number is another 2, followed by a 6 as printed on the ball, and the file number is -- 9. that makes your pick 4 number today 2269. let yourself play. >> we've got one last check of the forecast. >> for the most part, we might see a few raindrops this action but we not are not expecting heavy downpours. 81 the high temperature and 81 and again tomorrow. friday we will finally see sunshine. >> thank you for watching.
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